Preview of the Mini Interactivity: Find the Mean or the Average of a Set of Numbers

Download the free .swf file here.

This is a quick, interactive resource that can be used on the computer.

When you play the SWF file, make sure you hit the continue button when you are ready to move on. Also, once you have entered your text into the white text box (by clicking it with a mouse and typing), hit enter to submit it. If you get the right answer, you will move on. If you get the wrong answer, you will be asked to try again until you figure it out.

Page 1- Vocabulary: Mean: the average
1. Add all the numbers.
2. Divide by the total number of items in the set.
Page 2- Show: find the mean example (worked out step by step) *no audio*
Page 3- You Try: Fill in the blank (find the mean: 2 steps)
Page 4- Congrats! You are finished.

I had students complete this mini lesson during our online class in Blackboard Collaborate (BBC). It was used as transition activity from what we were doing to finding the mean. After class, I posted this resource on our middle school math website so that students could access it later.  Do you want to check out the .swf file posted on a website?


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